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Our Stars!

This incredible team will keep the fun going 24/7!

yaronC kochavim.jpeg

Yaron Carmel

Known throughout the Israeli folkdance world for his expert teaching and ability to keep the party going, Yaron Carmel is thrilled to be joining us for HEK2024! Whether you’re an experienced dancer or someone relatively new to Israeli folkdance, or the type who likes “Top 40” dances or you prefer the oldies, Yaron knows how to weave a program of dances together with his almost supernatural ability to keep every dancer happy and on the dance floor! Plus, Yaron has been in Texas as a Kochavim teacher so many times, he’s almost got a Texas accent! 🙂 He can’t wait to see y’all at HEK2024!

Yaron Malihi

When it comes to Yaron Malihi’s choreographies and the music he chooses for his dances, WOW… just WOW! Yaron is known and loved for the unusual steps and fun rhythms he puts into his dances—dances like Al Salsalim, Farha Farha, Tirbehu Vetisadu, Bocha Baseter, Orot Veyeshan— what variety!  Yaron M also has a ridiculous sense of humor (his laugh alone will make you laugh!) which adds so much to any session. Although a Yemenite from head to toe, those genetics of Yaron’s seem to mutate when he dons a Texas cowboy hat— be ready to see what happens to Yaron when Israeli dancing meets a 'bit of country' at HEK2024!

Yaron M_edited.jpg

'Yaron' Mitch Ginsburgh

(He's an honorary Yaron!)

Rounding out our teaching team is Mitch Ginsburgh, who actually took his first steps (“two steps?”) in Texas! Yup, our Mitch grew up in Arlington, Texas, somewhere between Fort Worth and Dallas. That explains why he’s such a nice guy—he’s an expert in southern hospitality! Oh yeah, besides being so warm and wonderful and a ton of fun, Mitch is also an amazing choreographer (think Öp, Vilner Gaon, Omid, Kol Hayom) and a great dancer who practically never leaves the dance floor. A veteran not just at Kochavim but also at Hora Eclipse 1, we’re looking forward to seeing Mitch let his ”Texas-roots” show at HEK2024!

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