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Registration Information

What’s included with your registration:

  • 3 days and nights of Kosher-style meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner—including vegetarian and gluten-free options), plus yummy snacks to keep you energized!

  • Eclipse equipment and information sessions to safely view the eclipse and get every-stinkin’-ounce-of-enjoyment out of it.

  • 3 nights in climate-controlled accommodations, including sheets, a blanket, a pillow and towels
    (you may want to bring extra towels and/or your blankie and teddy bear to make sure you’re extra-comfy).

  • Incredible dance workshops and programming (our staff includes some of the best teachers and markidim anywhere!) 

  • Texas hoe-down!

  • A warm, fun filled, and (what will feel like) a supernatural experience you will never forget!

 Accommodation                Early Bird            Dec. 21 and After


Registration is not guaranteed until payment is received.

Payment methods:

Zelle to, check made out to Kochavim and mailed to Dee Jacobson, 9118 Rentur Dr, Houston TX 77031, or Venmo to @Deirdre-Jacobson. (If paying on Venmo, please do not characterize as a purchase—it is a transfer.) 

 Accommodation Details 

GFC, our host camp for HEK2024, is a kids camp in the summer and open to outside events during the rest of the year. The accommodations are not fancy like a 5 star hotel, but probably better than the camp you perhaps attended when you were young! :-)  The rooms and cabins at GFC are what you'd expect of a decent, modern summer camp—clean but basic. Sorry, but because of our limited number of rooms, we cannot accommodate single room requests. (For those interested in a single, consider the commuter option with a nearby hotel or Airbnb.)


Here are the accommodation options at HEK2024 (note that prices increase on December 18th!):

Semi-Private Room, Private Bath
$580 per person

These are our best accommodations. They include one double bed and one single or bunk bed, as well as a private bathroom with shower. The room is appropriate for 2 people, or 3-4 people if two share a bed or someone is willing to take an upper bunk. SOLD OUT. Click the Register button for instructions and to be put on our waiting list. (If you ask to be on our waiting list, we suggest also registering for a cabin to be sure you'll have a spot at HEK2024! We'll let you know if a room opens up and then move you from the cabin.)

Semi-Private Rooms, Shared Bath
$540 per person

These accommodations include one double bed and one single, or two bunk beds, as well as a “Jack-and-Jill” bathroom shared with one other room. This room is appropriate for 2 people, or 3 if two share a bed or someone is willing to take an upper bunk. A maximum of 3 per room applies because of shared bath. (Very limited number available.) 


$450 per person (4-6 people)

$375 per person (7-14 people)

Our cabins have two sides with multiple shared showers and toilets in the middle. Each side has sinks, cubbies and 7 bunk beds. Price for the cabins varies by the number of people per side, between 4 and 14 people.  (If you don’t mind possibly getting a top bunk and/or rooming with a bunch of people, you can get a price lower than anyone has seen at a dance camp since a time long ago, possibly before there were even eclipses. 🙂 )

$350 per person (6-9 people)

GFC calls the Eco-dome units “the kibbutz.” The accommodations are modern, with nine bunk beds each, but the showers and toilets are located in the building across from them, not inside the domes. You’re guaranteed a lower bunk and some space if you select the Eco-dome accommodations, because we are limiting numbers to nine per dome.  

$255 per person

Does your Aunt Harriet live near camp and insist that you stay with her? Or maybe you love the great outdoors and there’s a campground nearby you’ve always wanted to try. Perhaps you found a great Airbnb not far from camp, or you just want more privacy than HEK2024 accommodations allow. We got you! 

For these possibilities, we have a “commuter” option at HEK2024! If you have (or are renting a car) and can find a place to stay that’s near enough to commute to camp each day, the Commuter option might be right for you and a group of friends. You’ll still get all meals and HEK2024 activities included with your registration fee, just no overnight accommodations. 


Oh, and we have reserved several rooms at hotels within 25-30 minutes of camp that we can transfer to those interested. If you like this possibility, register for the Commuter option and then pay the hotel separately. Contact us for more information about hotel availability and cost. before you register.

Add Monday night

We recognize that some of our participants will be traveling from afar and won't be able to get to the airport in time for a flight out the evening of Monday, April 8. So, even though there is no HEK2024 programming after the eclipse ends, we will provide an option to stay another night at camp, with Monday dinner as well as Tuesday breakfast and lunch included. (There WILL be international dancing at camp Monday afternoon and evening, run by the National Folk Organization.)

NFO Registrants Only:
Add HEK Activities

NFO Dancers - If you registered for NFO and have one of those "time-turner" necklaces like Dumbledore gave Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, we are giving you the option to be in two places at once (NFO and HEK)!  That's right - if you are an NFO registrant and also want to be able to participate in any or all of HEK's activities (including our Master Teacher workshops), here's what you need to do: Send us an email telling us your name, phone number and that you are an NFO attendee but also want to be able to participate in HEK activities, then send payment of $100 (see registration info above for payment methods). Then you're in! (And lucky you if you really do have a time-turner necklace - you'll be able to see the eclipse as many times as you want!)

(for dancers 30 years old
and under) 

Thanks to a donation made by Hora Shalosh dance weekend in memory and in honor of the great Moshe Eskayo, HEK2024 has a small number of scholarships available for dancers 30 years old and under. Contact us if you are interested.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things happen, and unfortunately, sometimes that means going to dance camp isn't possible after all.  Until December 21, 2023 at 10:27 PM ET you may cancel for a full refund. From that point until March 19 2024 at 11:06 PM ET there will be a $100 cancellation fee.  Sorry, but no refunds after March 19.

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