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Our Location: 
Greene Family Camp

HEK2024 will be held at
Greene Family Camp,
1192 Smith Lane

Bruceville TX

Location! Location! Location!

We’ve found the perfect location for HEK2024! 

Little did the Greene family know when they built their camp many years ago, that it would be located in just about the perfect spot on Earth to view the 2024 total solar eclipse! The Greene Family Camp (GFC) is located smack in the path of totality, and has the best chance for clear skies as almost anywhere in the USA—super important for great Eclipse viewing! 


GFC is a kids camp in the summer and opens its doors to outside events the rest of the year. They offer kosher-style meals, basic (but comfortable) accommodations (read more about accommodation choices in the Accommodations section of our Register page), swimming, ziplining and other activities, plus (as Mary Poppins used to say), a dance hall that is “practically perfect in every way!”  We’ll be centering our dancing in GFC’s new Performing Arts Center, and equipping the room with a large sprung-wood floor—ideal for dancers doing more hours of dancing each day than seems humanly possible.  

Getting There


If you live within driving distance, lucky you! Put “1192 Smith Lane, Bruceville, TX”  or “Greene Family Camp” into your navigation app and we’ll see you there! (Or view the driving directions in text form if you prefer!) If you'll be renting a car, note that rental cars will be hard to come by (or super expensive) the closer to eclipse-time it is, so book early.


If you’ll be flying to camp, you’ll want to make your reservations as soon as you register for HEK2024 and have confirmation of your enrollment. The reason we suggest this is that tens of thousands of people from around the world will be descending on the area to see the eclipse! Tickets and rental cars will be hard to come by (or super expensive) the closer to eclipse-time it is, so book early. It’s already impossible to find reasonable hotel rooms anywhere in the Eclipse zone.


Here are the closest airports to our camp:

  • Waco Regional - ACT - (35 minutes)

  • Austin - AUS - (90 minutes) 

  • Dallas-Fort Worth - DFW - (2 hours) 

  • Houston - IAH - (4 hours)

Remember that Monday, after the eclipse, travel times will be considerably higher, since many, many people will be returning from eclipse viewing!​


Pick the airport that’s easiest for you and as close to camp as you can get! We will do our best to help you get to/from airports and camp: We hope to arrange shuttles from Austin and DFW (extra fee will apply) or will help you find friends with whom you can share an Uber or rental car.



Amtrak has trains that go to Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. That might be an option for you if you live on an Amtrak line that’s not too far away from Texas, or you are a person who IS too far away from Texas but you have an obsession with train travel. Note that you’ll still need to get from the train station to camp, via rental car or taxi/Uber.

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